Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Low power troposcatter

A troposcatter link is a PERMANENT available conntection over the horizon between two radiostations  in the VHF / UHF / SHF frequency range.

To establish such a link usually ERP over 1 kW is needed to compensate for the free space and scattering losses.

Newly amateur-radio operators have programmed Software (e.g. WSQ2) that runs on common PC and uses the incorporated soundcard as a slow data-rate modem to create a very penetrating modulation which is decodable more than 15 dB under (!) the noise level.

The radio operator can´t hear anything, but the program is able to decode the text message!

With the big benefit of a program like WSQ2 everyone can establish a permanent radio-link over hundreds of km with a couple of watts and a simple antenna with some dB gain.

Certainly, all rules of a common troposcatter connection must be respected e.g. free sight to the horizon, low radiation angle, horizontal polarization, no obstacles before the antenna …

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