Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

An MOXON - antenna for the RADIO JOVE - NASA Project

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students, teachers and the general public to learn about radio astronomy by building their own radio telescope from an inexpensive kit and/or using remote radio telescopes through the internet. Participants also collaborate with each other through interactions and sharing of data on the network.

( = citation from the official "Radio Jove"-website: )

The advantage of the "Moxon"-antenna in comparison with the double-dipole-antenna in the description on the Websites of "Radio Jove" consists in its smaller size and only one feed cable instead of two feed-cables and one power splitter. The antenna pattern is almost the same.

The antenna is calculated for the centerfrequency of 20,1 MHz.

On the web you can find more than one calculator for "MOXON" - antennas.
I calculated with the following one:

The data was obtained from the "MMANA-Gal" - Antenna Simulation Programm for a hight of 7 meters (= 23 feet):

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