Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

Dry ice rocket / Cola - Mentos rocket

How to build a dry-ice-rocket / Mentos-Cola-rocket

Cut the upper part of a plastic bottle to form the top part of the rocket. The "combustion chamber" of the rocket will be made of an entire plastic bottle that you turn upside down.

Fix a washer on the outside bottom of the inner whole bottle. 

Wrap dry ice around a magnet. Or in the case of the Mentos-Cola-rocket, glue the Mentos to the magnet

By hitting the top of the rocket with a hammer, the magnet will lose bond with the washer and will fall into the water / cola.

Finally, the overpressure will cause the rocket to start off. Wings will stabilize the trajectory.

 Fotos from my first model will follow as well as a video of the take off of my dry-ice-rocket.

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